Sound Design

Sound Design (IAT 380), Simon Fraser University | Examples of Student Work

De-Elevator (2012)
by Beverly Wu
The Mountain Cycle Room (2012)
by Stephen Kean
Waiting For Your Return (2012)
by Melody Chan
Turn Left (2010)
by Alannah Darnel
Offworld Prison (2010)
by Mark Edwards
In Wonderland (2010)
by Lynn Lee
Shut-Eye (2010)
by Jeremy Mamisao
Azmodan (2012)
by Angelo Yue
The Abortion (2012)
by Andrea Lau
Marvel vs. Capcom (2010)
by Felix Fu-Yu Kuo
Duel (2010)
by Christine Lo
Soul Eater (2010)
by Dylan Rimmer
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (2010)
by Ryan Budd
HyperWhammy (2010)
by Mark Edwards
Wireless Mobile Controller (2012)
by Stephen Kean
Vowel Formants Generator (2012)
by Beverly Wu
Voice-Controlled Laser Gun Generator (2012)
by Eamonn Singleton
Dream Creator (2010)
by Mike Kruk
On Your Hands (2010)
by Karen Lam