Conceptual Strategies I

Conceptual Strategies (ART 410), San Francisco State University | Examples of Student Work

The Ties That Bind: New York To Norway (2012)

by Sarah Day Hanson
The Ties That Bind The Ties That Bind

A monument to commemorate the journey made by sea of Scandinavian immigrants to the US, in particular the great wave spanning the 19th Century.

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Chance Painting (2012)

by Arturo Najera
Chance Painting

1) Post on facebook.

2) Paint a swatch of the color(s) the person has chosen. If the person comments on the conversation, but doesnt not post a color, leave the color blank, but still acknowledge the post with time and persons name.

3) Make a grid and chart chronologically in order by time, all the posts.

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Giant Pink Vibrator (2012)

by Jeff Yip
Giant Pink Vibrator Giant Pink Vibrator Giant Pink Vibrator

Proposal for a Giant Pink Vibrator in Washington, DC

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