Advanced Concepts in Computer Art & Design

Description & Syllabus



{Due T, wk 2}:

{Due T, wk 3}:
Getting Started with Arduino, Chptrs 4-5

{Due T, wk 4}:

  • "Towards a Performative Aesthetic of Interactivity" (pdf), Simon Penny - Blog a short response. Choose 1-2 points that Penny mentions that resonate with your ideas of art and culture and with contemporary digital practices. Post to your blog and be prepared to discuss in class next week.
  • "Tangible Bits", Hiroshi Ishii & Brygg Ullmer

{Due T, wk 5}:






Artist Research Presentation


Student blogs

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Example Code & Circuit Diagrams

You will need to download the repository at This contains code and circuit diagrams that you will need for your exercises and projects. If you are familiar with GitHub or other version control systems you may clone this repository to your computer or even fork it and have your own open source code repository that you can share with others. I will be adding to this repository as the semester progresses.

Arduino, Electronics & Physical Computing

Arduino Home
Arduino Playground (wiki with lots of tutorials, code, etc)
Arduino Programming Handbook (pdf)
Fritzing Home (Circuit Diagramming and Breadboarding Software)
Max Wiki (great resource for learning Max/MSP/Jitter)
ITP Electronics & Physical Computing Tutorials (Great resource!)
Electronics Club: Studying Electronics
Seattle Robotics: Really Basic Electronics
All About Circuits (the name says it all)
Transistor Tutorial
ITP/NYU Transistor & Relay Tutorial
ITP/NYU Tutorial on Controlling a Transistor with Arduino
Connecting a relay to Arduino
Sensor Wiki
Some cool materials: Velostat, Conductive Paint, Conductive Pen, Indium Tin Oxide Coated (Conductive) Glass
Open Materials (lots of cool stuff here!)
ITP's list of Organic & Smart Materials
Basic Electronics Exercises (Michael Shiloh, great learning resource!)
Voltage Divider Circuit
Voltage Divider Tutorial
Resistor Color Code Chart
Simple infrared wireless communication with Arduino
Steve Wilson's Art, Technology, Science & Culture Links

Make Magazine video series on basic electronics with Collin Cunningham (great resource!)

Plenty more at