Electronics and Physical Computing

Electronics and Physical Computing (ART 523), Kansas State University | Examples of Student Work

Cicada (2016-)

by Patricia Melton







Exploration of human-insect relationship via an interactive plush toy. The viewer is invited to interact with a plush cicada in a sensitive manner. If the viewer decides to become too forceful with the Cicada, it will sound a distress call and destruction will ensue. The happy images of people and insects will become warped, and the Cicada’s song will become chaotic. Once a peak threshold value is triggered, the Cicada will die. After a moment of silence, the song of the Cicada will return. The death of the Cicada is a chance to learn, a chance for the human-insect relationship to be reborn.

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Musical Footsteps (2014)

by Lauren Lohfink & Kylie Newsome
Musical Footsteps

Musical Footsteps

Musical Footsteps

Musical Footsteps

This project maps footsteps on a staircase to musical notes. The faster we walk the quicker the pace of the musical notes.

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