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Prototype for a community research laboratory; consists of a series of a hybrid exhibitions, workshops and symposia (2012)

Self-organizing, analog computational devices that harness electrochemical reactions (2011-2012)

A-life sound and tactile environment (currently seeking funding)

Drumming-based installation/performance piece utilizing “intelligent drums” (2010-2012)

Transforming Pain
Art & technology for the treatment of chronic pain (2010-2011)

Automated biometric classification, and exploration of biometric architecture (2008-2009)

Biomorphic Aggregator
Bio-responsive network data collection and visualization system (2007)

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Co-evolutionary Experience in New Media Art
Artistic/Phenomenological inquiry into experiences of human-machine co-evolution in interactive or new media art

Self-organization and Emergent Phenomena
Arts-based inquiry into concepts such self-organization, autonomy and emergence.

Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems
Application of techniques from AI, A-life and cybernetics to interactive art.

Embodiment and Computational Systems
Inquiry into in the coupling of humans and machines and what it means for our lived embodied experience.

Phenomenological research methods and analytical approaches.

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